Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Best of British: UK Made Products from Furniture 123


With fears about itchy sofas and the environmental cost of cheap imports, many customers are looking a little closer to home for their next furniture purchase. Furniture 123 has always supported home grown products and this is a small selection of UK made furniture available from the UK’s leading online retailer.

The Original Lloyd Loom - Belvoir Coffee Table from Furniture 123
Lloyd Loom of Spalding - Belvoir Coffee Table and Burghley Seating
When you purchase items by Lloyd Loom of Spalding you can be sure you are getting quality furniture made from start to finish in the UK by British craftspeople. Dating back to 1917, Lloyd Loom is the revolutionary patented method for manufacturing wicker like material originally intended for use on baby carriages! Kraft paper is twisted and wrapped around wire to create the Lloyd Loom weave. Highly skilled craftspeople then upholster the weave onto steam bent beech frames. Lloyd Loom of Spalding offer a range of finishes and the final touch is the world famous badge: the sign of genuine British Lloyd Loom furniture.

Jay-Be Honesty Bed from Furniture 123
Jay-Be - Honesty Bed
Jay-Be is proud to be an award winning UK manufacturer of designer beds, kids beds, sofa beds, ottoman beds, guest beds and mattresses. It believes one of the key factors contributing to its success is a passion for designing great looking products as well as offering an excellent choice of finishes. These products are always backed up with a longer than standard guarantee. Based in the heart of West Yorkshire and originally founded in 1968, Jay-Be always strives to use the best materials and its craftsmen have many years of experience, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained.

Statton Leather Armchair from Furniture 123
Forest Sofa - Statton Leather Armchair
Forest Sofa is a true UK manufacturer: designing, developing and producing a range of both traditional and contemporary leather and fabric sofas. All of its items featured on the Furniture123 site are individually hand made in the company’s Manchester factory, where Forest Sofa control the complete upholstery process from the use of solid birch or beech for the frame construction, to the final hand studding or antiquing.

At the UK’s largest online-only furniture retailer you will find a fantastic selection of items for every room in the house, as well as the garden, all accessible from the comfort of your own home. offers free delivery on all items to mainland UK. The 7 day money-back guarantee ensures that customers are able to receive a full refund if they are unhappy with their purchase.


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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Last chance to win with Furniture 123

Win £500 of furniture courtesy of Furniture 123

How would you like the chance to revamp your home furniture in any way you choose? Maybe you would love to splash out on one really special item?

We at Furniture123 would like to give you that chance and all you have to do is enter our free prize draw. We are giving away £500 worth of furniture but hurry because the closing date for entries is 31st March 2008.

For full details, and to be in with a chance of winning, visit the furniture123 website now.

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Monday, 10 March 2008

Relax! March is National Bed Month

Alaska Bedstead from Furniture 123

According to research, more than 50% of people cite the reason for replacing their old bed is that it’s broken! And Sleep Council research suggests another third replace their beds because their old one is uncomfortable. Most people spend one third of their lives asleep, so it’s worth getting this important piece of furniture right to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. And National Bed Month (1st-31st March) is the ideal time to do it.

If your bed looks tired and saggy, if you don't wake up feeling as refreshed as you did a year ago, or if you wake up with pains that disappear over the course of the day, then it's probably time to change your bed. The recommended life span for a bed or mattress is 7-10 years but with so many great designs and new technologies to choose from who can blame you for changing them more often!

So where should you start when looking for a new bed?

“It partly depends what sort of budget you've got,” explains Jessica Alexander from The Sleep Council. “You can buy a new (double) bed for under £100 - or spend several thousands. But you do tend to get what you pay for so it’s worth investing as much as you can afford.”

Furniture 123’s Beds and Bedroom Store has a huge range of bed frames, divan beds and mattresses from all the big name manufacturers. You will also find all the other bedroom furniture you need to create your perfect room, such as wardrobes, and chests of drawers as well as headboards and memory foam pillows. Furniture 123 also offer children's beds, bunk beds, guest beds and sofa beds - meaning everyone can get a good night’s sleep!

If you need more help choosing, you can browse our how to buy a bed guide or contact our team of bed specialists for further advice.

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Thursday, 6 March 2008

A buyer's guide to wardrobes

Let Furniture123 take the stress out of buying furniture with our series of buyer's guides, produced in association with Real Homes magazine.

Lyon Walnut Large Double Wardrobe from Furniture 123
Our low-down on wardrobes will ensure yours are every bit as stylish as the clothes inside them. Read up on all the options below to discover which one’s right for you…

Fitted wardrobes
The major benefit of having fitted wardrobes is that, assuming you’ll stay in your property for a long time, you will never have to buy another wardrobe as long as you’re living there. Better still, you can also choose the exact configuration of rails, drawers and other options to suit your particular needs. Particularly beneficial to those who want a clutter-free life, fitted wardrobes are the ideal choice for maximising your storage space and are suitable for any kind of bedroom.

Walk-in wardrobes
The ultimate in luxury, a walk-in wardrobe is perfect if you have the space. Walk-ins allow you to hang your clothes with room to spare, and increased demand for them means they’re easier to come by than ever before. If you don’t have room in your bedroom, why not try converting a spare box room into a walk in wardrobe. Walk-in wardrobes have long been associated with style and sophistication, and can complement any kind of bedroom scheme. The ability to tailor the design to suit your needs is a valuable bonus. Many walk-in wardrobes are available with sliding doors to enhance your available floor space. And if you don’t have the space for one in your bedroom, you could always look into converting a box room into a made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe.

The main benefit of a freestanding wardrobe is that, should you choose to move, you could take it with you. Freestanding wardrobes are ideal for those who find the idea of a wall of fitted units claustrophobic, as they allow a more creative approach. If you happen to have alcoves, for instance, you could look for wardrobes that will fit neatly into this space. Don’t fall into the trap of buying inexpensive and poorly constructed fitted wardrobes – many freestanding options offer far better quality than the readily available MDF or chipboard. With many ranges, you can also choose your configuration of hanging space, drawers and shelves.

Traditionally in French or Gustavian style, these are perfect for a vintage-style bedroom. Armoires are usually available with rails but more predominantly shelving, which makes them perfect for storing jumpers and other clothing that needs folding rather than hanging.

It's what's inside that counts
It’s all well and good having a super-stylish wardrobe, but it’ll be no use if your clothes are being squashed, creased and eventually ruined. Considering how best to store them could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Rails and shelves
When choosing a wardrobe, one of the most important things to consider is how many rails you will need and what height they should be to accommodate your clothes. If you have lots of shirts, make sure they can hang without being caught on the door hinges, likewise if you have more trousers or long dresses, ensure the garments won’t drag on the floor. Some wardrobes come with drawers, so you may not need a separate chest of drawers – perfect for small bedrooms.

There’s little point investing in a great wardrobe if you don’t buy the correct hangers. Don’t just rely on the wire ones from the dry cleaners, as they’re only supposed to be a temporary measure. Instead, invest in some quality wooden hangers, choosing ones with clips for trousers and skirts. For added protection for delicate clothing that needs to be hung, opt for padded hangers, which will prevent any dents.

Folding space
Jumpers and woollen cardigans are better off being folded rather than hung. If you would prefer not to have them in drawers, invest in some fabric hanging units, which can be fastened around your wardrobe’s hanging rail using Velcro. This storage solution is flexible as it can be moved along the rail as desired, and folded when not in use.

To avoid your wardrobe becoming over-crowded and crumpling your clothes, choose storage boxes that can be used to store out-of-season clothing. Make sure clothes have been freshly laundered and folded carefully, with sheets of tissue paper in between the clothes to protect them. A great tip is to then add a piece of cedar wood – perfect for preventing moths.

TOP TIP! Give your wardrobe a clear out once every six months. Be ruthless and throw away everything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn for the past six months. You can give them to charity or hold a clothes-swapping party with friends.

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