Monday, 28 April 2008

Exclusive to Furniture 123: ranges from Ernest Menard Meubles

Available now and exclusively online at, the Saphir range from Ernest Menard Meubles.

The beautiful Saphir range of furniture is the first Menard range available on Saphir combines the elegant and traditional Louis Philippe style with the sound value of cherry wood. Add to this high quality manufacturing and a wide range of different pieces and the Saphir range offers a very diverse furniture collection for the living room, dining room and hall.

Menard design and manufacture beautiful, quality furniture and is committed to providing satisfaction. The products use a variety of materials such as oak, cherry, wenge, and walnut in solid wood and veneers, as well as contemporary materials such as metal and glass. These quality materials are combined with hand finished patinas and waxes and assembled using traditional cabinet making skills. Menard are so confident that the company provides a 10 year guarantee*.

The Saphir range includes dining tables, chairs, sideboards, dressers and more, and is just a taster of what Menard furniture has to offer. Keeping checking the Furniture 123 site as more products and furniture ranges will be going online over the coming months. If there is a Menard furniture product you want but it is not on the site, click here for details on how to contact us.

*Except chairs, which are covered for 1 year. Pin It Now!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Furniture 123 Takes a Stand Against Copyright Infringement on eBay

Furniture 123's eBay About Me page is the UK's leading online only furniture store. We do not sell furniture on eBay but we do use eBay's VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) programme to protect our intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrights.

We are now taking steps to report all eBay listings, whether these belong to eBay Shops or individual sellers, that infringe our rights.

If your listing has been reported by Furniture 123 it may be for one of, but not restricted to, the following reasons:

- Your eBay listing contained a product description/written content from the website: Most of the brochures we receive from our furniture suppliers do not include any descriptions of the products. When we add these products to our website our team of Merchandisers and Copywriters research the products and write relevant descriptions, the content and format of which are copyrighted. Producing this content is a time consuming task, however we believe it is essential to aiding our customers in the buying process. We will therefore take action against any seller (on eBay or the internet at large) who infringes our copyrights in this way. This is the most common reason for us to report a listing on eBay and it can be avoided by writing your own, original product descriptions at the time of listing your products. Taking just one sentence of copyright material from our website is an infringement and it will be reported.

- Your eBay listing contained a link to the website: As per the example above, you should aim to provide your own original description for furniture you list on eBay, regardless of whether you are a business or an individual. Links to our website will be deemed as unauthorised use of our copyright and will be reported.

- Your eBay listing used the Furniture 123 name: We do not sell our products on eBay and by using our name you may be misleading other users into thinking that we do, or that your listing is in some way affiliated to, or endorsed by, us. The only time it would be acceptable to use our name on your listing is if you are re-selling an item you bought from our official website and you state this in your description.

- Your eBay Shop name or ID infringed our registered company name: Our company name can be written as 'Furniture123' or 'Furniture 123' and this name is registered with Companies House. Any eBay Shop name or ID which is deemed as copying our name and/or its format will be reported. This includes combining the word 'furniture' or any word related to furniture with the number sequence '123'. For example, names such as '123Furniture' or 'Beds123' will be reported. To avoid being reported for this, sellers offering furniture should devise an original name/ID as per the advice above.

Although we aim to report all offending listings, eBay is a big place and some listings get missed. Seeing our copyright material on a live listing does not make it acceptable for others to copy it also. You may not even realise you are using our copyright material as many others have already taken it as their own. In this case ignorance is not a defence and we would urge you to check the ownership of any material before publishing it on your eBay listings or any other websites.

If you wish to use content in your listing and are not sure if it belongs to Furniture 123, we would advise you to do one of two things: write your own, original material OR check our website to see if the text is already used on there.

For further details, please visit our eBay page.

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Monday, 21 April 2008

Beautiful Furniture Needn’t Cost the Earth at Furniture 123


As the world gets smaller and customers expectations get greater a delicate balancing act is needed to ensure cheap furniture today doesn’t cost the environment tomorrow. Furniture 123 knows that discerning customers will ask questions about the origins of furniture, especially wooden furniture. This is why it works to ensure its suppliers use sustainable materials from reputable sources.

Pavilion Rattan - Antibes Complete Dining Table Set from Furniture 123
Pavilion Rattan - Antibes Complete Dining Table Set
The teak and mahogany used in Pavilion Rattan products are from a Perum Perhutani managed source on the Indonesian island of Java. Perum Perhutani is the government department who now own and manage the plantations: they have a strict policy regarding replanting and the size and quantity of trees felled each year, and this ensures a continued supply of these valuable timbers.

Christian Harold - Ardennes Leather Dining Set from Furniture 123
Christian Harold - Ardennes Leather Dining Set
Christian Harold, the maker of the Ardennes range, understands that being presented with a tree is both a privilege and a huge responsibility. The company responds to this in two ways. Firstly, it ensures that for every tree used, it replants two trees in return. Secondly, it creates something of real beauty that can be cherished for many years to come.

Segusino - Lyon Dining Table from Furniture 123
Segusino - Lyon Dining Table
Segusino offers a collection of hand made furniture using a unique blend of rustic pine and antique reclaimed wood. Each piece is a one-off, handcrafted using traditional techniques spanning back generations then hand finished with wax. All Segusino products are manufactured in compliance with fair trade ethics and use environmentally sustainable sources.

At the UK’s largest online-only furniture retailer you will find a fantastic selection of items for every room in the house, as well as the garden, all accessible from the comfort of your own home. offers free delivery on all items to mainland UK. The 7 day money-back guarantee ensures that customers are able to receive a full refund if they are unhappy with their purchase.


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