Thursday, 26 April 2012

Move over Oak: Walnut and White High Gloss furniture is where it's at!

It's true to say that oak furniture has real staying power and is still very popular in British homes. If you fancy a wood finish with a modern twist you can't go far wrong with the latest trend, walnut and white high gloss.

It's this season's big thing and the Madilena bedroom furniture range sums up the trend perfectly:

Madilena walnut and white high gloss bedroom furniture

Effortlessly contemporary, the Madilena walnut and high gloss bedroom range is all you could want. Supremely stylish, this range of furniture will help give your bedroom a relaxed look.

And for downstairs, the Marlo collection is a beautiful addition:

Marlo Solid Walnut and High Gloss Rectangular Extending Dining Set

With its expert use of materials, the Marlo Solid Walnut Collection really does stand apart from the mass of furniture available. By offering a fresh combination of solid walnut and crisp white accents a truly modern range is created. This series of products succeeds in being contemporary and streamlined while retaining a homely feel.

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