Friday, 17 August 2012

Oak with 'curve appeal' from Furniture123

We've all seen those property programmes on television where the presenters talk about 'kerb appeal' and making your home look attractive from the outside but if you want the wow factor to continue inside you need to give your decor some 'curve appeal'!

That's where the stunning new Ellipse Oak range of living room and occasional furniture comes in. Available now on the Furniture123 website, this shapely oak furniture has a cool, retro look to it and is finished with a natural oil or with a dark 'choco' stain. Many items from the range are delivered in 3 days, so while we can't offer a frantic 60 minute makeover, your home can be transformed quickly and easily.

Ellipse Oiled Oak range from Furniture123
Ellipse Oiled Oak - scooter not included ;)
Ellipse Dark Oak range from Furniture123
Ellipse Dark Oak with choco stain

Ellipse Oak range from Furniture123
Curve appeal in buckets!

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